LinkedIn marketing strategies to grow your business

Professionals use LinkedIn as a social media platform to connect and share with others within their industry. Businesses can use LinkedIn to find opportunities, gain visibility, and establish credibility.

With hundreds of millions of members worldwide, LinkedIn is an essential social media platform for businesses looking for an edge in this competitive market. LinkedIn now has 930 million users and more than 58 million registered businesses. 40 percent of LinkedIn users who use the network regularly use it daily, logging more than 1 billion interactions per month. However, LinkedIn is rarely utilized, so you only have a small window of opportunity to create an impression.

This blog post will outline 10 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business. You can implement it on your own or with the help of a marketing consultant to grow your business using LinkedIn. These ideas help you monetize the platform by generating growth and profits from your potential target audience on LinkedIn.

How to Grow Your Business on LinkedIn: 10 marketing strategies

1. Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

When your business is new to LinkedIn, creating a company page is the first step to getting it started. You can do this by visiting the Companies section on LinkedIn and clicking the “Create your company page” button.

Your business’s details will next need to be entered. The description you provide for your company should reflect your brand’s values and core mission. If you are unfamiliar with how to create a practical description, you should consider hiring a marketing consultant or a copywriter to help write it for you.

2. Optimize Your Profile Well and make sure it’s complete

If you are an individual user or a business owner, your profile is located on the top-left corner of your homepage. Your profile is a great way to connect with other users and potential clients on LinkedIn.

Before posting anything on LinkedIn Take, the time to ensure that your profile is optimized well; complete the fields by adding relevant information about yourself or your business, such as your website URL, Company logo, Company description, Company size, Company type, Location, Industry and social media accounts. Remember that a complete profile will drive more traffic to your website.

3. Consistently Share Content

Advertising is the best LinkedIn marketing strategy to grow your business. Consistently share your posts on LinkedIn and include relevant content that your audience can value. You can make blog posts and publish them on LinkedIn directly from the platform by selecting “Share” followed by selecting “LinkedIn” in the toolbar icon.

You should post a new piece of content on LinkedIn at least once per week, and the content should help your target audience know more about your products and services. Posting content consistently on social media sites such as LinkedIn will help increase your website’s traffic. For example, you can use LinkedIn to promote news stories, press releases and industry updates that relate to topics relevant to your business or industry.

4. Participate and be active in LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn marketing tips are to participate and get active in LinkedIn groups. By participating in LinkedIn groups, you can create and share content with the group, ask questions, engage in discussions, and use the group for networking and lead generation. The best part about LinkedIn groups is that everyone can immediately see what you have posted, which increases the likelihood of making new connections with other group members.

You can join various LinkedIn groups related to your company or industry or make a group of your own. Find groups related to your business type by searching through LinkedIn Groups; however, before joining any group, ensure that the group has at least 150 members to ensure enough active people in it.

5. Re-buffer your top content

Two LinkedIn marketing hacks are re-buffering your most popular content or writing new LinkedIn posts. With the help of a straightforward drag-and-drop interface, users of LinkedIn can schedule content for specific times using the “Buffer” feature, a social media scheduling tool.

For example, you can re-buffer your top post on LinkedIn from the last week or month. After creating your post, click the Buffer icon in the toolbar and select the “Connect” option. Then select “LinkedIn” from the drop-down menu and follow the steps to schedule your posting time.

Buffer also connects with other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, so you can share your LinkedIn posts on both these platforms at the optimum time to generate more traffic toward your website.

6. familiarize yourself with the LinkedIn algorithm

The LinkedIn marketing plan is to familiarize yourself with the LinkedIn algorithm. The LinkedIn algorithm is used for displaying posts of users in the News Feed and showing only relevant content to your target audience.

LinkedIn algorithm displays posts from people you’re most connected with. To grow your business on LinkedIn, you can familiarize yourself with the algorithm by asking questions from your audience, sharing great content consistently and participating in LinkedIn groups.

7.Encourage your employees to join your company’s page

LinkedIn marketing tips are to encourage your employees to join your company page. The LinkedIn page shows up in their search results, so it is an effective way to reach out to more potential customers.

Also, your employees can increase their LinkedIn visibility by sharing relevant content about your company. This will help you generate more engagement on LinkedIn, which is necessary for more clicks and traffic to your website.

8. Turn Workflows into Stories

Turning workflows into stories is part of a LinkedIn marketing plan. Without having to create new content, Stories are an excellent way for users to promote and share pertinent content from their LinkedIn accounts.

Think of the best engagement stories you’ve ever shared or written for your blog, and use those tactics to generate more engagement on LinkedIn. LinkedIn marketing is about using copywriting solid skills and talking about interesting, valuable and action-oriented content that your audience can relate to.

9. Get a Personalized LinkedIn URL

Getting a unique LinkedIn URL is one of the LinkedIn marketing strategies. Getting a customized LinkedIn URL is a fantastic way to liven up your profile and make a statement.

When you have a customized URL, people can easily find you on LinkedIn because they can add your link to their website whenever it changes. New relevant content is added, as well as whenever new users are invited to your company page. The more people are aware of your location, the easier it will be to target potential clients with online advertisements.

10. Add interactive elements, such as polls

Adding interactive elements, like polls, is one of the best LinkedIn marketing tactics. You can interact with your audience on the LinkedIn platform by using the polls feature to ask them questions about your company or sector.

Daily or weekly use of the polls feature is advised. Make sure to pay attention to how your content appears on LinkedIn after including an interactive element of your own. Ensure your copy is impressive, informative, and consistent with your brand’s personality to be effective when posted online and seen by viewers.

Make your blog posts more engaging, including visual content, infographic images, and pertinent links.


The LinkedIn marketing campaign is a combination of many different events and activities. To make a good LinkedIn marketing plan, it is essential to understand each event and training, its purpose, and how you can use it effectively to promote your business.

Using LinkedIn for marketing your business can be very effective if you stick to these tips. It is one of the most popular social networking platforms used by millions of professionals worldwide.

It can be used for generating leads and engaging with clients daily. The key is to build your brand on LinkedIn with consistent efforts over time, using proven techniques that cater to your target audience’s interest.

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