6 Ways To Earn Money From TikTok

As we know, TikTok is now the most used and most searched application. People loves TikTok too much because of its user interface and the short content. Tiktok is now give the update of 10 minutes video upload.

In Current Situation, TikTok have billion of users and millions of people active every time on TikTok. TikTok is now available in 160 countries, has over 1.1 billion users, and it’s downloaded over 220 million times in the United States(USA) alone.

1. Brand Partnerships

In this way, if you have good amount of engagement and good followers on your account then you can do a brand partnership where you can charge some amount to promote their products. In this option, you can charge amount according to the products it is also one of the best way to earn money through TikTok.

As a content creator, i also did many brand partnership from where i earned good amount of money. If you’re doing brand partnership you can charge good amount of money according to your followers and the engagement. Brand helps to give some products and you have to promote that and you’ll get some money for every promotion as you did.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting any product of a company and individual. In this section, you can take some amount of commission according to the products. There are many products which you promote you can get 100$ to 500$ as a commission.It is the one of the most trending way to earn money through TikTok. There are lots of website which put their products on sell at some percentage of commission.

Some famous website provide some products it can be anything like courses, software, etc. Some software company give the $800 commission on every sale. If you sell 5 products in a month you can easily earn 4000$ which is huge. Affiliate marketing is little bit hard way to earn because you need more and more trick and knowledge to generate sale. But it’s a money tree way to earn money because it give huge money on every sales.

3. Livestreaming Gifts

As we know, the main source of earning from the TikTok is live streaming gifts. People send many gifts to the hoster. There are lots of gift available in TikTok which is starting from 1$ to $10,000. Some popular gifts like universe, lion etc these are the most expensive gift on TikTok. Million of people earning $1000 everyday from TikTok through the gift.

The rate of TikTok gift is 70 coin is equal to $1.08. You can just imagine if someone sent you the gift of 40,000 coins it is equal to 570$. Tiktok is providing the best gift for the creator and it is now a day most popular way to earn money through TikTok live streaming.

4. Merchandise Sales

Some social media platforms like YouTube famous YouTuber and TikToker sales their merchandise it can be anything like Tshirt, cap, pant etc. There will be your branding on that product which shows your brand to the people. Merchandise is only those will buy who knows you and they may be your fan. So it is also a best way to earn money from Tiktok.

Earning from merchandise sales on TikTok by Promoting your merchandise with the utilizing features like the “Shop Now” button or “Merchandise” tab. Tgere is a good way to sales merchandise is to Collaborate with other influencers which have more followers and good engagement. There is an option of Analyze TikTok data to sold the merchandise on TikTok.

5. Promote Your Business

Many of my friends who is tiktoker earn good amount of money by Promoting their business. You can open any business through TikTok like selling clothes, selling gadgets, selling doll, selling electronic gadgets etc. They bought gadgets from other countries and sell in their local countries which helps them to generate good amount of money.

You can make video of that produces and engage the people. If they buy your products will be sold and you’ll earn money. Literally one of my friends earned $17,000 in just 3 days through TikTok just by selling the clothes. You can promote your offline shop in TikTok to generate money easily. Many clothes and gadget shop in my area make video of the products and upload the video on TikTok and they earn good amount of money from their.

6. Competitions and Challenges

Nowadays, Tiktok create many competition and challenges for their creator which have some amount like $300,000 and many more prizes. Nowadays Tiktok send some hampering gifts to their content creator for the motivation and engage with their contributors. Some completion like some music which have more likes will be the first. Some company want to promote theirs products by creating music and give a rule of those who got more likes will be the first second and third and every prize is different according to their likes and views.

Challenges like 100 days 100 uploads or give the target of this much like in this much time frame and many more challenges. Some days ago TikTok create a challenge prize pool of 3 crore nepali rupees which is almost 250,000$ and it was on creator’s Luck. It was depends upon the creator ‘s luck but many people got 10,000$ and many more. So it’s also one of the best way to earn money through TikTok.


Thanks for reading this article, TikTok have more than 5 billion users and only 10% people earn money from Tiktok. Because they don’t know the way to earn but after you read this article hope you know the way to earn money from TikTok. TikTok is a way to earn money and fan easily by just uploading a 30 second video.

TikTok is future and it also made someone life and future. With TikTok you can get a chance of music video. You will be a celebrity and can earn good amount of money without wasting the time. TikTok is little bit easy than others platform like YouTube, Instagram. It is the best platform to earn money and Fan following.

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