Best Email Marketing Practices: Dos and Don’ts”

Email marketing is still one of the best strategies for expanding a company, connecting with clients, and generating new leads. With everyone doing email marketing, it’s easy to make mistakes. To avoid this, choosing the best email marketing agency for your business can make a significant difference.

However, you need to know some dos and don’ts of email marketing to have the best results. Therefore, this article will show you the dos and don’ts of email marketing practices so you can avoid making mistakes and have a successful business using email marketing.

Do’s of email marketing

There is a list of practices that every company should follow when doing email marketing. By doing so, you can significantly increase the chances of having a successful business.

First and foremost, Be precise and concise

Email marketing is a way of communication. Writing meaningful messages that your customers will read and act upon takes time. Therefore, be precise and concise with what you are saying, how you are saying it, and what you are asking of your customers by using email.

As a little implies, keeping your message short and precise is essential. Make it easy for your customer, explain everything within a few sentences, and break your sentences into simple words.

Create A Great Subject Line

The Subject Line is the first thing your customer will read when opening your email. It is not only a chance to introduce yourself and sell your product but also a chance for you to introduce your brand and make an impression on you.

To create an impactful subject line, Keep it short and sweet, and provide a clear incentive to open your email. Crafting a concise, eye-catching subject line that gives users enough information to understand why opening the email is essential is the key to getting users to click through.

Be Personal

When emailing a business, ensure you are being personal to your customers. Please don’t send them a general email that you send to thousands of other people. Instead, take the time to find out the person or people who will be opening the email.

Take their information to personalize the email and make it more interesting. Offer something unique or something they didn’t find anywhere else. And remember to mention your business name in every paragraph; that way, your customers will identify you and remember you when they are thinking of buying from you again.

Optimize Emails For Mobile Platforms

Nowadays, most email users open their emails on their mobile devices. Therefore, ensuring your emails are optimized for mobile platforms will significantly increase the number of people who open your emails.

When it comes to the design, the best practices are to keep it simple, include only the main text and images, and use short paragraphs. Also, using single columns or short lines will enable your customers to read the content on any device.

Have a Clear Call to Action

Your call-to-action (CTA) is the button you want your customers to click so they can take a specific action. The CTA could be something as simple as “buy now,” Get now,” “reveal now,” “Explore now,” and “View now.”

It could also be a form to sign up for your product or something more extensive like requesting an appointment. As long as you are clarifying what action you want your customers to take, using a great call-to-action will increase sales.

Don’ts of Email Marketing

There are some mistakes that every company makes when doing email marketing. It’s good to know them and try to avoid them because they can negatively affect your results with email marketing.

Don’t be inconsistent at all

Consistency is a crucial factor when doing email marketing. If you send your customers an email every week, keep doing it simultaneously, take some days to send emails, and be consistent with it.

People get used to getting your emails at a particular time, and if you start sending them every other day, they will miss their time receiving your message. So follow a schedule and be consistent with it.

Avoid being repetitive

As we said, consistency is vital in email marketing and applies to your message. Make sure every email you send has something new, don’t send the same message every time, and try to keep them short but different from each other.

The short email you send can be that same message, but just calling it different can be enough. Therefore, create a difference in every email you send by using new content, a separate subject line, or changing the call-to-action.

Don’t forces your clients and customers

Try to avoid forcing people, don’t send them emails in which you are asking them to do something. If you want to sell your product or sign up for your service, clearly tell them, don’t force them. By doing this, your customers will see that you are not interested in their problems but only in the money.

It is crucial not only to be clear with your intentions but to keep it personal as well. Research your audience and find out their needs, then use this information to answer their problems as it is essential for them.

Don’t use spam trigger words

Trigger words are words people use to determine whether a message is spam. When using trigger words in your emails, they might be filtered as spam by the customer’s email provider or even blocked, so they won’t receive them.

Avoid spam trigger words such as: “Buy,” “Order,” “Win,” “Special offer,” etc. Spam triggers can turn off your customers and lose you a sale, and can hurt your brand image by sending off the wrong signals to customers.


As we can see, email marketing is a crucial tool to help you promote your business and get more customers. It’s a great way to build a relationship with your customers, informing them of new products or services that may interest them or buy your product.

Understanding how email marketing works is essential to succeed and get the best results, so it is necessary to follow the correct strategies and refrain from doing anything that can be harmful to your marketing.

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